Oliver G Pike

Books - The Great Winding Road

Rover 6hp Car

Oliver Pike was a very early car driver (a Panhard about 1900) and drove hundreds of thousands of miles in his career, not only travelling to photograph and film birds and animals, but also to deliver his famous lectures.

His cars included a two-seater Siddely-Deasey, then a Rover 6 hp (right) that was specially adapted to carry all his photography equipment.

A Calthorpe followed and at the time he wrote this book he was driving a Morris Oxford - "the most reliable car I have ever driven".

Great Winding Road Cover

The Great Winding Road

This was published in 1928. He reminisces about the early days of motoring, when the cars frightened the horses, and 20 mph seemed a fantastic speed to be travelling.

He tells how the car was used as a hide, since birds and animals soon got used to it. Photographers and birders still do this today.

Then there are accounts of some of the trips he took to places near and far in Britain, followed by some memories of driving in France during the First World War.