Oliver G Pike

Films - The Life of the Rabbit, 1945 (b&w, sound, 11 min 2 sec)

The Life of the Rabbit was filmed by Oliver Pike and Frank North, with diagrams by Helen Dunt. It was an educational film directed by Irene Wilson and produced by GB Instructional Ltd for the British Council.

Oliver Pike took the outdoor shots in his garden nature sanctuary in Leighton Buzzard during the Second World War. Some of the young rabbits have white paws, which is quite rare in the wild, but occurred regularly in the young rabbits in his garden.

The Life of the Rabbit is available to watch on-line for free on the British Council's Film website - or see below.

The Life of the Rabbit

Oliver Pike mentions in his book "Nature and My Cine Camera" that he made two films about rabbits in his garden at Leighton Buzzard.

This 1945 version has a voice commentary that explains, amongst other things, how rabbits can be such prolific breeders.

The Life of the Rabbit (1945) from British Council Film on Vimeo.